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Neil Redman

I am new to the forum and relatively new to upstream dry fly fishing and have recently purchased a Reddington 7'6'' 3# Classic Trout for carrier fishing on local chalk streams. I am considering a 3# DT Mallard line from Mike but would be very grateful for any views on this combination or alternative views/experience/recommendation of a suitable Barrio alternative?  Equally, whether a DT or WF line would be the best option. Very grateful for any feedback.  Thanks.

Hamish Young

For more compact fishing spots where access is often tighter and it's a benefit to load the rod quickly - but still fish with finesse - then personally I'd look at the Barrio Smallstream over a DT.

James Laraway

Small stream...

Neil Redman

Hi Hamish, James, Really grateful for the replies and advice  - thank you. Will go for the Smallstream and have ticked box for notification of when they are back in in stock. Thanks, Neil