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delgatie castle trout fishery
« on: October 15, 2006, 20:25:17 PM »
Dry fly, buzzers, nymphs and lures were all productive last week and although fishing was patchy during the week, the near perfect conditions of the weekend brought some great sport.
G Donald of Mintlaw had a super day landing 22 fish on various lures with a fish 6.8lb his best. A Davidson also had a great time landing 21 on spiders with a fish of 8lb his best.
Whitehills angler C McKay boated 19 on a w.s.w. with a fish of 5lb his best while J Mann landed 18 to 4lb on buzzers and dries. H Lockhart had 17 in his float tube with a fish of 6lb his best all taken on a home tied fly while his son Andrew tubed 10 to 4.8lb on the same fly. Buckie angler F Murray boated 15 to 4lb on nymphs while S Zacha banked 15 to 3lb on dries. J Parsons landed 14 to 6lb on various lures while K Anderson banked 12 to 6lb also on dries. Turriff angler L Stewart bagged 11 on a bloodworm with fish of 13.2lb and 8.8lb amongst his catch while R Cowie landed 10 on a w.s.w. with a fish of 9lb his best.
R Murray bagged 10 to 5lb on nymphs while R McKay boated 10 to 4lb on a wet fly, R Gartshore landed 7 to 7.6lb and A Hay boated 7 to 3lb on various flies.
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lewis stewart of turriff landed this fish of 13.2lb

then landed a fish of 8.8lb on the very next cast

robert gartshore and son scot with his fish of 7.6lb

a davidson releasing a fish of 8lb


delgatie castle trout fishery
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2006, 20:44:34 PM »
Oh sorry, only monsters to us USA boys!


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