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Jim Eddie

« on: 09/10/2006 at 21:08 »
3 of us from (Myself , Hamish and George) the CSSC angling club fished the Deveron today on the Turrif angling association  waters today. The beat is just outside Turrif and is 3/4 of a mile long mostly double bank. Day ticket rods are limited to 4 per day.

The water was just 1" up on the gauge , with a hint of colour when we arrived, we had a chat with Frank from turrif Tackle and trophies where you get the permits , he was optimistic about our chances as he had 5 on the fly on Saturday.

That was the death knell, it was absolutely tropical , blues skies , felt like it was about 80 degrees I had to go back to the car and take some gear of as i was ready to expire with the heat.

For someone like myself who is more used to a 9ft 5# it was not a bad river to fish with the 15 footer , although I was knackered by the end of the day , not used to swinging the telegraph pole.

Suffice to say apart from a couple of Broonies and a kipper that George caught that was it for the day. Enjoyed it all the same. A wold say it would be a nice troot water as well , one of our club members fished it the previous week and had a 4-1/2lb broonie on a flying C.

The cost is 30 for the day, now some people might think that is expensive , however in comparison to say a day out to Hampden , or a 1/2 days paintballing costs around 35. I was at a wedding a the Pitoddrie house hotel at the bottom of Bennachie last month 30 would not have bough a round of drinks.

If anyone fancies a day on the water details are o be found on the web site