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Artloch Fishery
« on: October 09, 2006, 13:57:43 PM »
No one fly has dominated this week's fishing at Artloch with the fish rising and falling depending upon the conditions.  For example top rod C McKay tempted 16, best at 8 lbs using just 2 flies - a CDC and a WSW.  

Other examples included T Sampson with 8 in 2 hrs using a sedge, best at 6 lbs, using dries, while P Eva released 10, best at 5lbs, using nymphs and buzzers.   W Rainnie using lures and J Cumming using nymphs and lures each released 11, best at 4lbs.   J Raye and P Ness each tempted 12, best at 7 lbs, both using nymphs, buzzers and dries while K Firth caught 13, best at 5 lbs using a WSW.  

Artloch is closed to casual anglers on Sun 15 Oct for a competition.

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