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delgatie castle trout fishery
« on: September 24, 2006, 20:13:59 PM »
Some excellent sport as the week wore on with dries, buzzers, nymphs and lures all having their moments. Top quality fish featured in most bags as anglers took advantage of the ideal conditions.
J Mann of Turriff had a brilliant session using dry flies managing to land 20 fish to 4lb while Buckie angler J Rennie bagged 19 on buzzers and a w.s.w best fish at 4.8lb. Turriff’s L Stewart banked 18 on a bunny leech with a fish of 6lb his heaviest while B Reid of Whitehills landed 15 on a bloodworm with a fish of 9lb his best.
Youngster J Daniel had a good session landing 14 on lures with a fish of 7.8lb his best while N Daniel had a fish of 7.15lb in his bag of 13 taken on a w.s.w. J Masson bagged 12 to 3lb on a black fritz while G Wood banked 12 to 5lb on a bloodworm.
Aberdeen angler B Fraser boated 11 on a hopper with a fish of 6.1lb his best while E Cable and F Murray both landed 10 to 4lb on lures and nymphs.
K Milne of Portsoy fishing without his boat partner managed a brilliant bag of 9 with fish of 9lb, 6.8lb and 5lb all falling to his lead-head while A Anderson landed one of 7.9lb and A Daniel landed one of 7lb, both falling to lures.
For further information contact Brian on 07795593922.

sandy anderson with a fish of 7.9lb

george woods fin perfect fish of 5.4lb shown off by his loon

bob fraser with a fish of 6.1lb

went to the falconry centre at huntly for a day out, would recommend it to anyone who is interested in wildlife, best group of birds i've seen for a long time.


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