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Irvine Ross

Fly Dressings
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2007, 20:13:31 PM »
The Dressings are:

1) Damsel Nymph

Hook : Kamasan B175
Thread : yellow 8-0
Tail : arctic fox tail died brown
Dubbing : pale olive Ice Dub
Rib : silver wire
Palmered Hackle : grizzle cock
Shellback : flexibody yellow olive

2) Sort of a Stoat
Hook : Partridge Wilson single
Thread : black 6-0
Tag: flat holographic silver tinsel
Tail : yellow crystal hair
Rib : fine oval silver tinsel
Body: rear half holgraphic black flat tinsel,  front half UV black Ice Dub
Collar Hackle : two truns grizzle over two turns black cock - long
Wing : black arctic fox tail

3)Cripple Emerger

Hook : Kamasan B110
Thread : tan Moser Powersilk
Dubbing : hare's ear
Rib : tag end of thread
Wing/hackle post : pale grey siliconised polypropelene
Parachute Hackle : grizzle cock.

Happy tying



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