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delgatie castle trout fishery
« on: September 10, 2006, 21:12:01 PM »
Lures and intermediate lines was the top tactic last week with the fish lying deeper than of late due to the warm bright conditions, black flies seemed to be working best with damsels and catís whiskers also fairing well.
Pete Green broke the fishery record landing over 40 fish on a pin fry with fish of 12.2lb, 11lb, 8.8lb and over a dozen in the 4 to 6lb range. Aberdeenís Eric Cable had a good couple of sessions with bags of 19 and 9 taken on a nomad with a fish of 6lb his best while J and J Masson of Inverallochy landed 15 and 12 on a black fritz with fish of 7lb and 6.8lb their best.
D Brown bagged 13 on a catís whisker while L Stewart banked 13 to 4.8lb using a bunny leech and buzzers. S Corsa of Inverurie also banked 13 using a w.s.w. and buzzers with fish of 6.8lb and 5lb his best, F Murray boated 12 to 3lb using a damsel and bloodworm while N Alton boated 11 to 6lb on a w.s.w. R Wilson bagged 10 to 3.8lb on c.d.c and buzzers while S Innes had a fish of 7.8lb on a white fritz in his bag of 10. W Cowie and B Garden both landed 9 on lures with a fish of 6.8lb the best while T Graham and J McGowan both landed 8 on lures best fish at 4lb. G Wood landed two fish of 7lb in his bag of 7 while S Milton, A Hay, I Bremner and N Hart also bagged 7 on various flies, best at 5lb falling to S Milton.
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pete green with a delgatie double


the limit
« Reply #1 on: September 16, 2006, 14:30:17 PM »
Hi Brian,
             Reading your report i find it strange that somebody would want to catch over 40 fish on a c&r ticket, do you not have a limit to what you can catch. Another name for this is a sporting ticket i dont think this is very sporting,could you tell me did every fish fall to the pin fly or did pete experiment with other patterns.Just to add i agree with c&r but when do you stop. :!:


re:the limit
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2006, 22:52:34 PM »
hi den1707,
there is no limit to the amount you can catch , this is left to the angler who can hopefully use a bit of common sense, pete was on a 10hr ticket and to be fair to him he did not hammer it by sitting in the one spot picking off shoaling fish or stockies, although most of the fish fell to the pin fry he was also using other flies. i do agree that the amount of fish is exessive as this can only spoil the fishing for other less able anglers.
by jagging so many fish that are willing to take there will be less fish for others to catch, but 40 fish is only a tiny percentage of the fish in the loch.


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