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Haddo Trout Fishery
« on: October 30, 2006, 23:31:54 PM »
Hi folks  :cool:

Water temperatures are certainly falling, but the Haddo trout are still rising and feeding high in the water. Damsel nymphs and corixa are prolific, so flies that cover these are producing good sport.

From the boats, Horace Wetherly tempted 13 fish up to 6 lb, Hugh Baxter 14 to 10 lb, Frank Thrall 16 to 4 lb, Michael Macpherson 16 to 6 lb, Neil Garden 13 to 5 lb, Ryan Garden 13 to 8 lb, Damien Bruce 11 to 7 lb 6 oz, Richard Cowie 14 to 4 lb, Colin Henderson 16 to 3 lb, Brian Milne 16 to 8 lb, Colin Shand 14 to 6 lb and junior angler Nathan Cowie netted 13 fish up to 12 lb.

From the float tubes, Peter Scott tempted 14 fish up to 6 lb, Kev Danby 22 to 4 lb, Gordon Marshall 11 to 10 lb and junior angler Andrew Lockhart netted 10 fish up to 12 lb.

November is the first month of the Haddo Winter League competition which is based on numbers of fish caught, not weight. Any anglers wishing to take part can contact me at the fishery on 07810 868897 for more information.

This week's float tube gathering was great fun  :cool:

Young Andrew caught his first fish over 10 lb from the float tube, the fish looked about 12 lb to me, but unfortunately it slipped from his hands a split second before I took this photo  :cry:

What's availability like for this weekend  :?:
The fishery is fully booked on Saturday, but there are currently a few boats available for Sunday.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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