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Lochter Report – Things are on the Change
« on: 15/09/2021 at 13:25 »
Down Lochter way you can gradually see the nights creeping in and feel the slight chill in the air first thing in the morning along with the abundant dew that takes longer to leave the slower growing grass.

 It is all signs that we are moving onto Autumn which for the last couple of years has offered us fine spells of weather which the trout have appreciated by feasting on the abundance of insect life that comes their way as a result and it was most evident last week as the fish fed near the surface in great profusion.

Ernie Mackay used small CDC emergers to good effect with 18 brought to the net.

Colin Campbell used a size 16 shipmans on the point fly and snatchers on the droppers and he was very content with his 16 fish which included a 4lb blue and smaller tiger trout.

Stuart Howie and Mike Skene on their usual Sunday session both did well getting 18 and 16 fish respectively on lures and small nymphs.

Charles McPherson changed between using lures and snatchers and it served him well as he had 14 fish to the net for his efforts.

Bill Ewen used nymphs and lures to land 12 fish, George Ross had 11 fish on dry’s, Mike Stewart had 10 on buzzers, Eric Dickie and Mike McLennan both had 10 on a mixture of buzzers and lures and Albert Trail had 10 on daddy’s and small nymphs.

So all in all enjoy the top of the water sport while it lasts.

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