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Howard & Stuart

Down Lochter way with its onset of September the following verse seemed very apt for the weather conditions at present “By all these lovely tokens, September days are here with Summers best of weather and Autumns best of cheer”.

The fish were feeding well all last week and it didn’t seem to matter what depth you were aiming at as you still came into contact with fish.  It was a particularity good week for dry fly fishers with the cloudy overhead conditions ideal for your chosen dry fly.

Norman Fletcher mixed it up during his two session.  Firstly he used dry flies which got 18 fish to the net and then later in the week he got 17 fish on minkies, fabs and cormorants under different weather conditions.

Paul Ingram had a 6 hour late afternoon/evening session across at the Muckle Troot when the top of the water was ‘boiling’ with fish and his various use of a foam beetle, black gnat and black CDC hopper proved irresistible to the assembled shoals of fish and he had 16 fish, including an 8lb blue trout which fought unbelievably like a blue trout does.

Johnny Thakkery moved about all 3 lochs in his session and his athleticism was rewarded with 19 fish on a mixture of buzzers and nymphs.

Jason Booth tirelessly fished a team of buzzers during his session and he managed to net 13 fish.

Marie Bain fished dry flies and although she hooked and landed 12 fish she reported many more ‘takes’ which got off.

Derek Christie fished the fritz lure which also interested the fish as he got 12 using it.

Davy Coutts fished the klinkhammer with a green and bronze diawl bachs on the droppers and he was happy with his days fishing as he had 11 fish which included a nice tiger trout.

Ron Chalmers had 12 fish on nymphs, Graham Stewart had 9 on crunches and wet flies and Stuart Raeburn had 8 on buzzers and nymphs.

Enjoy the sunshine as its more precious than gold.

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