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Mike Barrio

Haddo Trout Fishery ( to July 26th )
« on: 27/07/2010 at 00:01 »
Hi folks :cool:

Spiders, Crunchers, Hareslug Shuttlecock, CDCs, Emergers, Klinks, Bloodworm, Buzzers and Olive Nymphs have been on the menu at Haddo this week :wink

Kev Danby enjoyed a great session at Sunday's float tube gathering with 25 fish up to 8 lb, Jim Eddie tempted 17 up to 5 lb, Phil Broadley 16 to 6 lb and Ronnie Birnie had 15 fish up to 7 lb. The average catch was probably around the 5 fish mark again this week, with Scott Sim netting 9 up to 4 lb, Peter Scott 9 to 3 lb, Alan Birnie 8 to 7 lb, Alastair Robertson 8 to 5 lb and float tuber David Moir caught the largest trout of the week at just over 11 lb.

Best wishes