Haddo Trout Fishery

Haddo Trout Fishery has gained an excellent reputation in the North East of Scotland and is an ideal location for a great day's fly fishing. The fishery covers just over five acres with an average depth of around five feet and is stocked with brown, rainbow and some blue Trout.

Surrounded by mixed woodland, this is a peaceful, scenic, sheltered lake and a great place to relax and enjoy the wildlife. Haddo is often described as the "Wild at heart" fishery, with prolific insect life inviting great fly fishing sport.

Haddo Trout Fishery A nice Haddo Brown Trout of approx 4 lb

The fishery is open Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 8.30 to 5.30 (later depending on the daylight) and is not crowded as the number of anglers on the lake at any one time is normally limited to ten. This helps to ensure that everybody has plenty of space to enjoy their fishing and relax.

There is no bank fishing available at Haddo, you fish from very stable 19 foot Loch Leven wooden clinkers. These lovely traditional boats are really great to fish from. All the boats are fitted with two anchors, landing nets are provided, a nice comfy seat cushion and lifejackets for your safety!

Playing a nice Haddo Brownie Loch Leven boats at Haddo Trout Fishery

Haddo is a catch and release fishery and we are doing our best to help to make our sport more sustainable and environmentally friendly. Anglers fishing at Haddo use barbless or carefully de-barbed flies at all times.

The fish are stocked mainly in the 1 lb to 2 lb range and there are younger ones growing naturally in the lake too. We also have a good head of larger trout, fish of 3 to 5 lbs are caught on a regular basis and anglers netted a few brownies of 7 lbs plus in 2011. The fishing can be exceptionally good when the fish are in the humour and it is not considered unusual to catch 10 fish or more in a session.

You can catch up with the latest Haddo news via our weekly fishing reports in the Forum section of this website and these usually include a few photos and tips regarding tactics and flies. Some of the abundant food items to be found in the lake include corixa, freshwater shrimp, damsel nymphs, alder nymphs, pond olives, bloodworm and sticklebacks. The surrounding trees are also a great source of food for the fish.

Playing a nice Haddo trout Float Tubing at Haddo

Haddo Trout Fishery is under new management in 2013 and the new owner, Clint Parsons, welcomed anglers to the fishery for his opening day on Saturday June 29th and is hoping to emulate the great fishing had by so many over previous years.

Tea and coffee are complimentary. Fishing tackle is available for Hire and purchase.

PRICES (updated April 2015)
Up to 4 hrs catch & release: £15
Up to 6 hrs catch & release: £17
Full day catch & release: £19

Mains of Keithfield, Near Methlick
Aberdeenshire AB41 7HJ

Please note that booking is recommended, but not always required.
To avoid disappointment and to check availability please text or call 07799 607600 or email haddotroutfishery@outlook.com

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