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Sandy Nelson

Fly Soup
« on: 08/12/2023 at 08:47 »
Something different for the holidays. I was trying to articulate something and it came out like this  *smiley-tongue-out*

Itís early evening, moody and warm,
Low level martins are dodging and darting.
Iím Watching,
For the hatch to be starting.

Lost in my wonder, a season of thoughts,
Ephemeral dancers sparkle with light.
A dimple,
Iím early tonight.

The weatherís relaxing,
Rendered by thunder,
A dimple,
Canít help but wonder.

Fly soup at the bank,
Just drifting, a quiver,
A dimple,
A tail splits the river.

The water is nervous,
Charged up with life.
Prone Spinners,
Trapped duns,
Small sedges are rife.

Am I missing a trick,
Big fish need to feed,
Do they just wait?
Soupís what they need.

After watching a while,
With tiny sedge pupa,
A dimple.
A cast.
A bonny fish souper.

Another one beckons,
Itís showing a tail,
A dimple.
Some casts.
Shunned, this time a fail.

Perhaps itís a spent,
In Orange or cream.
A Dimple.
Itís simple.
Iím living my dream.

Repeated procedure for several weeks,
A season of dimples, serious gold.
Make evenings,
Much longer,
Than I would have told.

Perhaps one out of three,
Can really be strong.
A dimple.
It seems,
Is where Iíve been wrong.

Ignore at your peril,
That starter of gloop.
A dimple.
Itís simple.
Thereís a fly in my soup.


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