Tinto Trout Fishery

Tinto Trout Fishery, two scenic hill lochs in the rolling hills of Lanarkshire, Loch Cleugh sits at 1020 feet above sea level and Loch Lyoch at 960 feet. Loch Cleugh is Brownies only and the lower Loch Lyoch offers Brown, Rainbow and Blue trout. Both Lochs are about 5 acres in size and are approx 30 to 35 feet at their deepest point, but there are shallow areas to explore too, which are excellent fun as float tubing and wading are allowed.

A cracking Tinto Brown Trout netted by Sandy Nelson
Tinto Trout Fishery

The ethos of quality rather than quantity really works at this fishery, the fishing is challenging and very rewarding!

Great water quality provides an excellent natural environment for the trout. Stillwater flies will produce catches, but this fishery entices you to fish classic wet and dry flies and the top of the water fishing can be superb when the conditions are right.

Fishing the dam wall at Tinto Trout Fishery
Wading the shallows at Tinto Trout Fishery

Tinto is near Biggar in Lanarkshire, that's about three and a half hours by car from Aberdeen. The fishery offers two self catering cottages next to the fishery car park and these are great value for money, perfect for a short fishing break.

The fishery is only 5 to 10 minutes away from the River Clyde, permits are available from reception and if you contact Munro in advance a brief tour of the river beats might be possible. This adds a whole new dimension to the facilities on offer, one of Grayling, Brownies, Salmon and Sea Trout.

Tinto Trout Fishery
Loch Lyoch Cottage
ML12 6NH

Contact the fishery on 01899 308697 and visit their website for more information.

Tinto Trout Fishery, Lanarkshire