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« on: 08/03/2008 at 20:15 »
Hi all.

Weve had a variety of weather conditions this week, with milder temperatures as well.

B. Cresswell fishing orange fritz returned 2 fish one of 7lb 2oz.
K. Bateman fishing olive humungas caught 3 fish one of 6lb 15oz and also returned 3 fish.
N. Farquhar fishing black buzzer returned 9 fish one of 4lb 8oz.
S. Milton fishing with buzzer returned 12 fish.
G. Jenkins fishing with buzzer and damsel returned 8 fish one of 5lb.
J. Johnson fishing black nomad caught 3 fish one of 5lb 11oz and another of 6lb 8oz.
Below are few pictures of the last week.
Happy Fishing