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Gavin Stevenson

10ft 5wt
« on: 06/06/2022 at 12:54 »
I currently have a first gen hardy shadow carbon 10ft 5 wt. I use on lochs from boat and shore. It doesn't suit my casting style, bit slow for my liking and looking to trade up to faster action rod. I would prefer to buy premium secondhand than new and appreciate thoughts on options.

Sandy Nelson

Re: 10ft 5wt
« Reply #1 on: 07/06/2022 at 13:13 »
Hi Gavin

10í rods by their nature tend to be a slower action, if you want to go faster then look to go a bit shorter to 9í. A good secondhand premium is a good idea if you can find one sensibly priced.
Thatís not always the case. I guess budget and style would determine what you  could look for.
Another really good option is actually something like a Greys GR60 , which is a lovely 9í 5wt.  Thereís quite a few really good 905ís out there and sometimes the cheaper ones are better fishing tools, donít discount a quality 9í6wt either, most are very versatile and will do the Stillwater scene better than just about anything else, I might even have one that could be for sale  *smiley-wink*
 So very much an individual thing. Iím sure thereís a long conversation in this and we will all have a different idea.  :X2


Hamish Young

Re: 10ft 5wt
« Reply #2 on: 11/06/2022 at 22:38 »
As Sandy correctly surmises, there are different ideas on this, however it is logical to suggest that a shorter rod will be faster.
Something like an original Orvis Helios 10' 4wt is going to be all the fastest #5wt 10' you're ever going to need. But this is largely academic until you state what you want to spend, I could wax lyrical about other 10' rods that would do the job that are from premium brands, but without a framework that starts with a budget, it's all just words  *smiley-wink*

Gavin Stevenson

Re: 10ft 5wt
« Reply #3 on: 12/06/2022 at 07:20 »
Hamish, willing to spend up to £400, new or secondhand


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