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Lochter Report Ė The Worm Has Turned at Lochter

Down Lochter way last week there was much deliberation and debate as to what was the most effective fly to use, especially in the unseasonably mild weather.

Without hesitation, the one fly that stood out above the others was the unassuming apps bloodworm. This fly now comes in all colours and it can be retrieved at both ends of the speed spectrum from a gentle figure of eight to a full on rolly polly thrill ride if the fish are up for chasing it.

Amongst those wise or lucky enough to use it there was some great sport.

Johnny Thackery mainly used the apps and it got him 23 fish for his 8-hour session. Also on apps were Bill Wood with 21 fish, Alan Paterson with 14 fish, Derek Robertson with 12 fish and Fred McAlley on 10 fish.

Other flies also played their part in producing good returns with Steve Craigmiles using hareís ears, cormorants and buzzers during his session and he landed over 20 fish. Others in the category were Steve Corser using a variety of nymphs, Paul Sharp did likewise and Norman Fletcher did well with cat bugs and PTNís.

Albert Trail kept up his fine form of late with 18 fish on cormorants and squirmies, Ronnie Ewen used a selection of diawl bachs for his 15 fish and Matthew Pirie kept faith with his gold beaded damsel for 14 fish.

Other returns were Graeme Naylor with 13 fish on a lime green shimmer worm, Bill Mowatt with 10 on beaded diawl bachs, Gary Linklater with 9 on snail pattern flies and Kenny Reid with 9 on hothead damsels.

So all in all another very satisfying week of fishing for those who chose to come down Lochter way.

They do say that worms will eventually inherit the earth Ė thatís Global Worming for you!

Tight lines,
S.P 23/11/21