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Jim Halstead

Daiwa Amorphous Whisker 15ft #9-11 Spey Rod
« on: 18/11/2021 at 20:42 »
Is anybody out there still using these?
I’ve been offered/given the above Daiwa rod I’m wondering whether to grab it with both hands or avoid it.

An internet search suggests they were well thought of at one stage but as my salmon fishing experience is limited to 3 days on the Tay last year (more planned for next year) and a couple of lessons, I’m not really in a position to judge whether it’s a good option or not.

 My questions are:
1) Is it a rod a relative beginner should persevere with and that will complement the Oracle Scandi 13’9” #9 I already have?
2) What lines will work best with it? I use a Versi Tip with the Oracle.

In many ways I like using retro gear (some of my trout reels are older than me and I am not young) but it does need to be enjoyable to use.
Thanks in advance for any input.

All the best

Hamish Young

Re: Daiwa Amorphous Whisker 15ft #9-11 Spey Rod
« Reply #1 on: 19/11/2021 at 13:27 »
It's not a modern rod, but still a very competent rod which will be significantly more through actioned compared to the Oracle, may almost feel 'wobbly',  but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

In answer to your questions:
1.  Its a very different rod and it will make you do many things - one of which will be to slow down, which I see as one of the biggest casting faults with d/h rods.  I'm not saying that is a fault of yours Jim - it is one of mine - but I am saying that being able to use the Amorphous Whisker well can only be a complement to your other rod and the rods that will follow.
2.  Tough one. The rod will deal with everything from a Skagit to a long headed 'Spey' line, I think it's more a question of what you want it do for you. If it were me, I would match it to two lines, most likely a l longer headed shooting head (possibly a Mackenzie) and a mid-headed Spey line (say a head of 55'-65'').  When that rod came out, Skagit lines and indeed shooting heads as we know them now, were not so commonplace, so Spey lines are the natural match.

However, if I'm honest (and noting that I am a confessed tackle tart etc) I'd say that the money that you might spend on equipping the Amorphous Whisker with reel, lines, backing etc. might be better spent on further time with an instructor building confidence and knowledge in what you already have, which is a competent all-rounder outfit. 

Jim Halstead

Re: Daiwa Amorphous Whisker 15ft #9-11 Spey Rod
« Reply #2 on: 20/11/2021 at 16:42 »
Thanks for the very informative reply Hamish.

Having gone round the houses, I think the  “might be better” option in your last paragraph is probably the way forward and get some experience before introducing more choices.

If I enjoy it as much as I expect, the “fancy new rod” syndrome will almost certainly kick in anyway and I can deal with it then.   *smiley-yippee*