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Lochter Report -Strictly Dancers at Lochter
« on: 12/10/2021 at 12:16 »
Down Lochter way with the heralding of Strictly Come Dancing back on our screens, it wasn’t so much our loyal customers were quickstepping, fox-trotting or cha cha cha-ing their way to the waters edge but the one dancing partner you most needed to guarantee you a ‘10’ was that of the yellow dancer lure or one of its other coloured cousins.

Kenny Williamson was a case in point when he used a yellow dancer with an intermediate line across on the Muckle Troot loch and it got him 16 fish to the net.

Paul Ingram fished either a red or lime green dancers during his 6-hour session and it brought him 14 fish to the net.

Norman Fletcher had 3 successful all day sessions during the week when he used a mixture of flies ranging from cormorants, fabs, damsels & apps bloodworm and he was in double figures on each occasion.

Mike Jack fished a gold bead damsel during his session and it got him 17 fish to the net, Ian Syme up from Glamis for the day used a team of buzzers to good effect as it got him 15 fish and Graham Third had 11 fish on a buzzers and crunches combination.

Other returns for the week were Mike Skene on 18 with small nymphs, Colin McDonald with 18 on fabs and diawl bachs, Albert Trail with 14 on cormorants and fabs, Bart Lawrenson with 12 on a black WSW and Sandy Carrol with 11 on various coloured WSW’s.

This was just a sample of the returns for a week where the fish seemed very aggressive with customers reporting some very hard ‘takes’ resulting in broken casts and also broken hooks.

So whether you put on your dancing shoes or not you can swing, jive, samba, mambo or simply waltz down Lochter way for some excellent sport.

Tight lines,

S.P 12/10/21