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Haddo Trout Fishery
« on: 24/10/2006 at 00:52 »
Hi folks

Spiders, Pearly Pennel, Bibio, Damsels, Cats and orange Fritz have been the most productive flies at Haddo this week, mainly in the top foot of water.

John Baxter tempted 15 fish up to 10 lb for his session, Kipps Kerr 15 to 6 lb, James Watt 13 to 6 lb, Sandy Nelson 20 to 4 lb, Alex Burnett 12 to 4 lb and Kenny Hall 11 fish to 11 lb 9 oz.

Dave Gordon netted a nice rainbow of approx 9 lb and Duncan McKay, Ian Brown, Colin Shand and Gerry Stockwood all had trout in the 7 to 8 lb range.

Top rods in the Grampian Fire Brigade Pairs Competition were Chris McAllister & Derek Clark with 30 fish and a bag of 4 for 18 lb 4 oz and Mike Cordiner & Duncan Elliot with 33 fish and a bag of 3 for 13 lb 11 oz. Jason Brown also did very well, landing 17 fish on the day.

Haddo is fully booked on Saturday the 28th for the October Float Tube Gathering. Please phone 07810 868897 for availability of boats at other times.

Best wishes
Mike Barrio

(below) Lesley with a beautiful "bar of silver", which is of course a Haddo Blue

(below) Gerry, Jon & Jamie Stockwood enjoyed a good day on the water

(below) Hamish and Kev took to the boats for a change