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Allan Liddle

GT 90 #5
« on: 22/05/2021 at 10:12 »
Thanks Mike as new line arrived safely earlier this week.
Love the GT 90 profile and my last one has been used to destruction  *smiley-grin* to glad that some stock finally arrived as been waiting to replace it for a while.
That said still amazed at how well the battle scarred one still performed really well with a little bit of TLC and musclin  *smiley-grin*
Ended a glorious carrier with a few cracking small water fish on the River Isla earlier this week when it was the only river not blown out.

I know many scoff when it's suggested you overline a rod but i often do this with my #5 line on my #4 Marryat LX as a tactic to counteract shitty blustery winds (to prevalent this year) but still allowing you to use a lighter rod.  Ok you still need to adopt those casting tricks we all learn but it really does load the rod immediately for really close work as well as help compliment a front haul when punching.  So if i'm doing it wrong then, to be honest, i don't care.   *smiley-grin*

Mike Barrio

Re: GT 90 #5
« Reply #1 on: 22/05/2021 at 13:09 »
Thanks for the confirmation Allan, I hope you enjoy your line  :z16

I'm really pleased that you like the GT, it is probably my favourite line within the range too  >)

Line weights are all about personal preferences and balanced outfits for the job. I am just as likely to underline as to overline, depending on what I'm doing and the conditions on the day. But if anybody asks for advice, I'll always suggest a #4 for a #4 and a #5 for a #5, simply because for most folk and most situations, that should usually fish well.