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Lochter Report - Swanning About at Lochter
« on: 11/05/2021 at 14:37 »
Down Lochter way last week, there was a lot of turmoil and trouble as “Stanley” our resident male swan was in constant battle to repel all invaders intent on taking over his cosy berth, when he was reigned supreme for many years.

We even had some Viking invaders in the form of Whooper Swans, who should be in Iceland just now but going by the weather of last week probably thought they were.  Suffice to say “Stanley” saw them all off and can be seen gliding smugly around the water of Lochter.

There were plenty of other battles during the week as lines snapped, hooks were straightened and knots were tested to their full.

The cold squalls of hail certainly didn’t affect the catches with plenty anglers with over 20 fish for their session.  Albert Cowie from Fraserburgh had his mainly on buzzers, Matthew Reilly from Ellon used small nymph and lures, Peter Young used lures and blobs, Paul Keir used buzzers and Davy Wood from Aberdeen used his favourite WSW lure.

Paul Ingram fished an eight-hour session and had 19 fish to the net using a team of buzzers but also had 4 fish on a CDC when there was a short rise.
Jim Whyte had 17 fish using a variety of lures on Richard Parley had 15 fish on a mop fly and apps bloodworm.

Glen McHattie had 9 fish on cormorants and blobs, Keith McHattie had 8 on cormorants, as did Colin MacDonald and Keith Bruce who both got 9 fish for their session.

We can only hope there is more seasonal weather for the weeks ahead and that you can start making a few more selections from your dry fly box.

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