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William Boughton

Hi everyone,

I was clearing out the shed and came across a Daiwa Whisker Fly 9’ #6-7 WF907. It’s completely unused and I’ve never seen it before.
Anyone got any information on this rod?
Any tips for a reel and line to match with it?

Thanks in advance!

Mike Barrio

Hi William

Sorry for the late reply  *smiley-grin* I missed this post.

Nice rods  :z16 .... I wouldn't get too hung up with line choice, these rods were pretty versatile. I'd start off by trying any WF7 line that you have, you should find it is happy with that.

But try a WF6 and a WF8 too, it is always good to try a line weight up/down with all rods, as these things are very much down to personal preferences  *smiley-wink*