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Steven Kidd

A fly is born? - The Dunderheid
« on: 22/02/2021 at 20:24 »
Now, by now you may have noticed I enjoy tying Loch Style wet flies.

How is a fly born? the same vain as say the Leven Spider by Stan Headley, or the Bo Diddly by George Barron, The Dirty Weeker by Hugo Ross etc....?..........motivated by invention I had a go at being creative at the vice a few weeks ago and created a fly which I parked in my box to look pretty, what follows happened the last couple of days.....

Fishing Loch Insch yesterday I had a great day fishing my usual patterns like the Black Pennell, Leven Spider and the Soldier Palmer.......satisfied with my day I tied on my invention for an experiment for the last caught a fish, satisfied and also surprised it worked, I headed home.

Fishing Delgatie today, I started off with my usual tactics again the Black Pennell, Soldier Palmer, nothing for an hour, fairly quiet round the Loch as well with plenty fish moving but nobody catching....I swapped over to a couple of Spider patterns which usually work great, a Black and Gold Spider and a Dark Watchett, another 30mins....nothing happening.  With confidence fading......I put on my invention.  Now confidence in this fly was low, it was new, untested but I threw caution to the wind. (a strong wind in bright sun).

First cast, fish on.  Really pleased at this point as it meant no blank.  Returned the fish and cast again......another fish on.  Now this happened I kid you not, 6 times in a the sound of shouts from the bank, 'what you got on?' i hadn't thought of a name, but by the end of the day in just over 2 hours I had 11 landed including a Brown Trout and 6 lost.  I was thinking 'well you should've put that fly on as soon as you arrived, 'you dunderheid', as my Grandad would have said.

I gave my fly to another gent at the Loch, who cast three casts and caught his first of the day..,what was it with this fly?, no idea what it represents?

So here it is, The Dunderheid.  I am claiming this one unless the combination has been done before?, I hope you tie some up, catch fish with it and call it the Dunderheid.  :z7, let me know if it works for you.

Tail:-  Chilli Red GP Crest over Tippet
Body:-  Black Seals Fur Dubbed
Rib:-  Gold Oval Tinsel
Head Hackle:- Furnace Hen

Next test will be on the Loch Brownies, :-)


Mike Barrio

Re: A fly is born? - The Dunderheid
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Great stuff Steven, looks like your confidence will be growing  :z16

Steven Kidd

Re: A fly is born? - The Dunderheid
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Eddie Sinclair

Re: A fly is born? - The Dunderheid
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