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Down Lochter way last week, weather-wise it veered from hard unrepentant frost to deluges of despairing rain.  Both these conditions cause the fish to alter their feeding habits and as a result a bit of experimentation from your normal fishing methods can sometimes be called for.

Those who stick to their tried and tested methods without success, at the end of the day can always fall back on the sage like saying “There’s nae fish”!

However, during the week sages nor sedges were thin on the ground as more very encouraging returns were made.

Paul Sharp and Paul Ingram both had 19 fish for their sessions with the former getting his on small nymphs and the latter on cormorants or diawl bachs.

Liam Waldren used mainly the yellow dancer to get 15 fish to the net, Colin McDonald faithfully fished his team of cormorants also to get 15 fish, one being a fine specimen of 9lb 14oz.

John Robertson fished a beaded diawl bach on the point with two buzzers on the dropper, on a sink tip line and this got him 14 fish.

Jim Brown had 2 sessions during the week where he got 13 and 9 fish respectively on fabs and cormorants, Richard Smart fished the fab for 12 fish and Chris Petrie had 11 using the cat’s whisker.

Other notable efforts were Cliff Collie with 10 fish on purple lures, Sandy Scobie had 10 fish on the okay dokay or blobs and Alan Armstrong also had 10 on corixa.

There were plenty other returns in the 5-9 quantity, so for the time of year it was ‘well done’ to all who ventured out in far from ideal conditions.

We’ve had a lot of good feedback about the Lochter “5 Fish Challenge” where in one session you can try and land all five different species of fish we have in stock i.e Rainbow, Brook, Tiger, Blue and Brown Trout.  Andy Barrowman is the singular achiever of this so far and his name proudly adorns on the Lochter Board of Fame in the Bothy.  It’s only a bit of fun but why not see if you too have skill, guile and (luck) to make it happen.

Tight Lines
SP 8/12/20