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Terry Coging

Re: Plans for 2021?
« Reply #15 on: 28/01/2021 at 11:35 »
Making good progress with my virtual trip to the Highlands on the indoor rowing machine. 720km covered and just approaching Bonar Bridge. Should be be rowing up Strath Oykell this pm.  Can I reach the limestone Lochs of Durness by Sunday?

Paul Adderton

Re: Plans for 2021?
« Reply #16 on: 28/01/2021 at 15:45 »
I'd like to fish the limestone lochs 'up north' as I've never fished up that way.

I'm also going to be back on the Nairn after sea trout and salmon 👍. I've had a year or two off chasing silver so looking forward to getting back to it.

Oh and catching a Pollock!

I strongly recommend the Limestone Lochs in Cape Wrath I went there a few years ago and it was a stunning experience. I stayed at the Smoo Cave Hotel very comfortable and reasonably priced. The drive there from Aberdeen was a pleasant experience viewing such wonderful scenery
So Go ....

Rob Brownfield

Re: Plans for 2021?
« Reply #17 on: 17/02/2021 at 13:39 »
More record breaking Bream and Ide, and a particularly large Common Carp that I caught last year but did not weigh.

I have also taken a ticket for a Carp syndicate Glasgow way because the fish are often seen on the shallows and I will be tucking a fly rod in with the bivvy and alarms.  It is an old trout fishery and carp have been hooked on trout gear in the past.

I will be buying either a kayak or a new tube and spending more time in Perthshire after big Perch.

I am still deciding on the Trout side of things, but feel the ADAA does not offer the fishing I am hoping to do, so maybe pastures new are in order.

On the saltwater side of things, I will be after Bass and Flounders on the fly..yes..flounders :) 

Brian Kupris

Re: Plans for 2021?
« Reply #18 on: 21/03/2021 at 18:00 »
Booked so far: 3 days on Watten and couple others in Caithness in June. A week in May and June for trout on Orkney (if travel restrictions allow). Probably a week on Lewis maybe September to fish the angling club lochs. "Big if" but if all goes well I will get back home to Michigan in October/November for salmon/steelhead on the Pierre Marquette river. Also the odd day for salmon on the Orchy, Awe and upper Tay.

Rob Brownfield

Re: Plans for 2021?
« Reply #19 on: 24/03/2021 at 10:39 »
I have rather embarrassingly achieved my two targets of a double figure Springer and a 2lb trout in the first three trips of the Don season.

I will have to set new targets of a Salmon on a dry/hitched fly from the Don, and a 3lb trout.

Away from Game fish, I hope  to get a Bass on the fly and potentially chase up on some Mullet I have heard about.