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Down Lochter way last week it was not the supposed Presidential Shenanigans that was at the forefront of fishers minds but we did get a ‘vote of thanks’ for the Tiger and Brook trout we recently stocked.  We had a lot of favourable feedback and this on top of last weeks further stocking of our own home grown ‘Lochter’ trout means there is an array of Formidable foes to target with the biggest challenge being to get them safely to the net.  Many have tried but failed so think seriously about upgrading your leader strength if you are thinking of paying us a visit.

During the week we had a triumvirate of anglers who took on the challenge and all had over 20 fish for their efforts.  This trio was Paul Sharp, Andrew Barrowman and Neil Scowen and their variety of nymphs proved very successful.

Albert Cowie from Fraserburgh fished the FAB on the point with cruncher droppers and this got him 17 fish for his session.

Dave Secker went down a different route by pulling a single WSW lure but it proved no less successful getting 14 fish with many other pulls which didn’t quite take hold.

Pete Green and his partner Karen came out on a lovely sunny 16 degree day and they had a great ‘mojito time’ with Pete catching 12 fish and Karen with 15 on the said mojito fly.

Other notable efforts were Bryan Ross who said he had a ‘tremendous’ day on Sunday with 11 fish on dry flies and very small nymphs.  Ronnie Ewen from Macduff fished diawl bachs for 11 fish, Jim Gilmour also had 11 on buzzers and bloodworm, Graham Duthie had 9 on apps bloodworm or crunchers and George Pirie from Aberdeen secured his 9 fish on a pink eyed okay dokay.

With the weather forecast to cool towards the weekend, it would be advisable to layer up for warmth and swot up on some winter fishing techniques for success.

Tight Lines
SP 17/11/20