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Lochter Report - A Wide Variety of Success
« on: 10/11/2020 at 15:48 »
Down Lochter way last week it was very much the case that ‘anything goes’ as a wide variety of flies proved themselves to be successful.

Weather-wise we went from unseasonably mild days to overnight frost, which would have scuppered the hope of dry fly fishing the next day.

A lot of the time it came down to the 3 R’s doctrine of piscatorial planning: namely being in the right place, at the right time, with the right fly.

One stalwart who adhered to this was Jim Brown from Aberdeen who fished a Dawson’s Olive lure with a fairly fast retrieve and that got him over 20 fish to the net.

On a different set up of a Fab and cruncher nymph, Albert Trail fished somewhat slower but found the right depth to get 19 fish for his session.

Kevin Thompson fished his apps bloodworm and two buzzer droppers, very slow, but he was rewarded for his patience with 14 fish including a lovely 6lb blue and one of our strikingly colourful Brook Trout.

Other set ups worthy of note were Graeme Gauld with a team of buzzers and crunchers which got him 12 fish, George Perie from Aberdeen solely used green head okay dokays for 11 fish and both Albert Cowie and Davy Wood used either the white or black WSW lure to get 11 fish.

Andy Wilson had 9 on small nymphs, Colin White used the Alli McCoist lure for 8 fish and Steve Prince had 8 using a fab and diawl bach team.

There were lots of anglers happy to land their first Tiger Trout or Brook Trout and this is proving a very popular species to fish for - so come and give it a try.

Cool, wet and cloudy weather forecast for the week ahead – what more could an angler ask for!

Tight lines,
S.P 10/11/20