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Howard & Stuart

Down Lochter way last week there was a beautiful display of Autumn colours and as the days shorten and temperatures fall it brings out an exceptional show of bronzes, yellows and golds upon Lochter’s now mature surrounding woodland and it afforded a lovely backdrop for our anglers to enjoy.

There is a saying that ‘Of all the seasons autumn offers the most to man and requires the least of him.’

It goes on to say that ‘autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go,’ Now some of our anglers maybe took this to heart as we had another week of snapped lines and lost flies as our own Lochter trout continued to fight strongly and pose a meaningful challenge to many an angler.

Two of our younger anglers took up this challenge and did very well as they were both in double figures for their sessions. Tyler Hay caught his fish on cormorants and Rhys West fished the Apps bloodworm.

Colin Weir, on an intermediate line used a black fritz on the Muckle Troot ponds to bring 14 fish to the net.

Graham Duthie fished all 3 ponds during his session and he was rewarded with 14 fish, mainly on the Apps bloodworm.

Paul Ingram used a hover line with a team of diawl bachs and he obviously was at the right depth as this got him 11 fish.

Jim Brown fished either a Dawson’s olive or a mop fly to get 10 fish and Bryan Ross on one of those rare mild and bright days fished dry flies to rising trout and was well rewarded with 8 fish.

So, all in all some fine fishing in lovely peaceful surroundings.

Tight lines,

S.P 27/10/20