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Howard & Stuart

Down Lochter way last week the battles on the water were not always of the piscatorial variety.  This is the time of year that our resident male swan, known affectionately as ‘Stanley’ is tirelessly battling off rival competitors for the obviously popular Winter berth at Lochter.  There were many occasions when white feathers were seen flying in all directions but we can exclusively report that ‘Stanley’ still rules supreme and will happily hiss at you when he passes by you this Winter.

On the fishing front there was very little ‘swanning about’ as there were many tireless battles with our trout who continue to battle hard, so you had to keep your wits about you.

Alistair Hunter down for the day from Dingwall area did really well bringing 18 fish to the net with many other takes and losses.  On a sink tip line he used either a black nomad or Dawson’s olive and was well satisfied after his long journey down.

Fred McAlley from Aberdeen had one of his best days out for a while as he couldn’t go wrong using a tequila blob which got him 18 fish.  His fishing buddy Neil Garden is also worth a mention as he caught an exceptional lovely ‘wild’ 6lb brownie during the same session.

Fishing veterans Bill Bain and Peter Wilson from Aberdeen used all their experience to bring 16 and 14 fish to the bank.  Bill used a black nomad and Peter a black bunny leech.

Jim Adie, accompanied as always by his exceptionally well trained dogs, used a fast glass line combined with his own tied sparkly mini cats and this got him 12 fish for his session.

Looking through the returns sheets other notable efforts were Colin Macdonald getting 10 fish on cormorants, one of them being an exceptional specimen of 14lb & 3oz.  Albert Cowie from the Broch had 10 on the WSW and nomad lines, Ernie Mackay from Aberdeen had 9 on nymphs, Bill Reynolds also had 9 using a variety of buzzers including the Dennis the Menace and Rod Palmer had 8 fish during Saturday’s downpour on either okay okay or black and silver buzzers.

So lots of action all over the water, long may it last.

Tight Lines