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Lochter Report - Rich Harvest at Lochter
« on: 25/08/2020 at 14:54 »
Down Lochter way last week, the backdrop in the surrounding fields was the sight of the combine harvesters, woken from their slumbers to majestically sweep up their much-deserved golden harvest.

To keep the harvest theme going with regard to the fishing front, the following saying comes to mind:- “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant”.

At this late Summertime when the fish can be a bit picky and lethargic it may be that you need to adapt to trying new flies, fishing at a different depth, or even varying your retrieval speed to keep on the fish.

Jim McDonald was a case in point last week during an evening session when he struggled a bit using lures, but when someone suggested he use a team of ‘crunchers’ he quickly had 6 fish to the net. So always be open to experiment and change.

Mornings and evenings proved most productive again last week with Alec Fowler from Turriff doing well using buzzers and diawl bachs on the Muckle Troot loch where he got 9 fish for his morning session. Also on the same set up Albert Cowie from Fraserburgh had 8 fish after patrolling all 3 lochs.

The lure that did work best during the week was the black WSW (Walter’s Secret Weapon) used best on an intermediate line.

Dave Gilmore up on holiday from Lanark bought one having not heard of them before and he was well pleased that it got him 12 fish including a fine 9lb specimen and Nathan Cowie used the same to get 6 fish.

In the evenings a CDC Shuttlecock, black spider or very small white moth seemed to entice the trout to take quite nicely.

So all in all, with cooler weather predicted for the week ahead it should encourage increased feeding activity for you to try your new methods out.

Tight lines,

S.P 25/8/20.