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Lochter Report – Daddy’s Tempt Big Trout
« on: August 04, 2020, 12:46:27 PM »
Down Lochter way last week there was some great top of the water sport being had with many of the trout caught being in the 5-8lbs category as well as some right monsters well into double figures.  There were also many reports of very ‘savage takes’ resulting in some forlorn fishermen looking at their broken leader line and mourning the loss of their favourite fly but that’s the fun of fishing!

An exponent of the Daddy fly was Keith Wilson from Newmacher who during an evening session on the Muckle Trout Loch had 12 fish to the net in ideal conditions where a gentle ripple moved his fly naturally along the top of the water before the sudden swirl of a hungry trout took it towards the depths.

Bill Marr used a CDC Hopper to good effect also on an evening session and was very content with his 9 fish.  Elsewhere, lures with a bit of yellow seemed to work best stripped back quickly or to the other extreme a team of buzzers fished deeper and very slowly.

Being mid-Summer its very much trial and error but moving around the ponds and not sticking to one spot seems to be the way to go.

The latest news is that Lochter will be hosting a Scottish Youth Team Fundraiser on Sunday 13th September.  We will be one heat of six throughout the country with the best score over any two heats winning you the top prize of £500.  Entry will be £25 on the day with a carryout lunch supplied by Lochter included in the price.  If you wish to take part, please contact Stuart at Lochter on 01651 872787 or email us at

It’s for a good cause so put your name down as it will be a very friendly and sociable event.

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