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Lochter Report - Visting Fishers Do Well at Lochter New
« on: July 29, 2020, 09:04:37 AM »
Down Lochter way during the early part of last week the warmer muggie weather meant that the catch rate came and went in fits and starts with the early morning and evening sessions proving the most productive.

However come Saturday, with the heavy rain and fresher winds the time of day proved less important with fish feeding more readily.

Looking through the return sheets we had a good number of visitors from the South no doubt lured to the North East to try their luck at a new venue.

Fishing buddies Graham Leslie and Neil Leggat from Fife both did splendidly well on their first ever visit getting 14 and 11 fish respectively on a selection of lures which included cats whiskers and yellow dancer.

Bill Logan from Lanark fished on Ally McCoist lures for 9 fish and Kevin Weir from Arbroath had 7 fish on montana’s and damsel lures.

On a more local level, Craig Whyte fished black nymphs which got him 11 fish to the net and we had welcome return of the ‘Blobby Boys” - Doug and Billy from Aberdeen who managed 8 and 6 fish respectively using blobs or mop flies on a hot sunny day.

Evening sessions are still very popular with some excellent dry fly sport to be had.  Bryan Ross proved this using drys of size 14 and 16 with the black beetle the most effective helping him catch 7 fish.

So all in all things are ticking over nicely for this time of year when the heat of Summer can sometimes take their toll.

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SP 28/7/20

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