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Lochter Report – A fond return to Lochter
« on: July 14, 2020, 15:35:19 PM »
It would very much be an understatement to say our weekend re-opening was anything less than a great success and the assembled throng of eager anglers very much appreciated the free barbeque which was laid on to thank them for their continuing support for Lochter Fishery in these otherwise difficult times.
At Lochter we have a more laid back approach and don’t get too hung up about numbers and sizes, only wanting you to have a very pleasant day out in lovely surroundings in the knowledge you are casting your fly’s in a well stocked fishery with quality trout.
It was also heartening during the weekend to hear the appreciative feedback about the improvements we made to the lochs which will benefit our customers for the years to come.
On the fishing front, in no particular order there was an abundance of anglers making double figure returns for their sessions.  Neil Tracey used damsels and he had double figure sized rainbow and several 7-8lb specimen in his haul.
Bob Logan had an exceptional day on damsels, cormorants and PTN’s with many huge fish and he reported back that only one of his fish was less than 3lb.
Rhys West had a couple of successful sessions using his own tied nymph with one of his fish being about 14lb mark and he was fortunate enough to land one of the big brownies which seemingly was an exceptional specimen (not unlike its captor!).
Other notable double figure returns were Sean Simpson on damsels, Colin MacDonald on cormorants, Jim Brown on lures, Albert Trail on white lures, Bill Bain on lures and Raymond Devlin on montana’s.
It was also nice to see our bait pond busy with families enjoying themselves in the great outdoors.
We are now open from 8am – 10pm every day with some great reports about the evening session fishing.
We will hopefully see you down Lochter way soon.
SP      14/7/20


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