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Brian Gilloway

Gear review
« on: May 20, 2020, 17:44:29 PM »
Hi guys just a wee update on some tackle purchased recently
First diawia hybrid bootfoot waders absolute rubbish wore them maybe 15 times then went to achtilbuie first day fishing hill loch small stone got between treads on sole of boot and punctured it right through the sole contacted diawia scotland said they would take it up with their product design team that was beginning of last season still waiting for reply  great idea poor quality they are in the bin just replaced with hybrid stocking foot from cabellas  vast improvement
Pair of frogg togg waders also purchased start of last season in the bin leaking everywhere ankle bit of waders are so tight simply couldn’t get them off 2 people to pull them off  in the bin  where is the quality these days


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