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Lochter Report - A Qualified Success at Lochter
« on: March 10, 2020, 11:40:09 AM »
Down Lochter way last week we were engulfed by a tsunami of top fishers who swept past the Fishery on Saturday to battle it out in a qualifying heat of the Scottish Stillwater Championship.

In conditions that were somewhat colder than was forecast the competitors quickly got into their stride and throughout the 6 hours of the competition there were very few catching lulls.

The fish were in fine fighting fettle and the competitors had to be on top form to fully take advantage of the many takes they were being offered.

When the final whistle blew and the scores were tallied up the following competitors had automatically qualified for the next round:- Colin Moffat (23 points), Steve Corsar (22 points), Peter Cowie (21 points), Donald Forbes (21 points), Kenny Riddell (19 points), Lee Sheran (18 points) and Kevin Riley (18 points).

So well done and we wish them well for the qualifying rounds ahead!

There was plenty of success as well for our regular patrons and no more so than Albert Trail who had 23 fish for his session on the mop fly and diawl bachs.

Colin McDonald fished his favourite cormorants and they didnít let him down as he had 18 fish on them.

Fred McAlley had a fab day catching 15 fish mostly because he did use the Fab fly along with a bloodworm.

Peter Young fished the Muckle Troot at depth, using the blob and he was rewarded with 14 fish for his day session.

Bryan Ross from Blackburn fished a team of black buzzers which got him 13 fish and a dozen seemed to be the favourite number as A Prentice got that amount on damsels, Kris Wright on the bloodworm, Graham Duthie on cormorants and Walter Senior on a blue flash.

Other notable returns for the week were Steve Prince with 11 fish on damsels and diawl bachs, Bill Bain with 10 fish on various lures and Simon Ruddiman with 9 on the bunny leech.

Special mention goes to the Frigate Bar Fishing Club who had an outing at Lochter on Saturday. Their photograph is below and there is a rumour that Hawaii was their original destination but it is unsure how this conclusion was reached!

 However the lure of fishing at Lochter was obviously stronger and a great day was had by them all.

Aloha and tight lines.

S.P 10/3/20.

Mike Barrio

Re: Lochter Report - A Qualified Success at Lochter
« Reply #1 on: March 10, 2020, 12:19:14 PM »
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