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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to Jan 21st )
« on: January 22, 2008, 00:32:48 AM »
Hi folks :cool:

Bloodworm, Buzzers, Damsels, Cormorants and Cat's Whiskers have produced good sport for the Haddo boats this week.

Kevin Neri tempted 24 fish up to 6 lb for his 4hr Winter League session, Chris McAllister had 22 up to 4 lb, John Brown 21 up to 8 lb, Fred McAlley 18 up to 4 lb, Lloyd Rattray 14 up to 9 lb, Jim Adie 14 up to 6 lb, Keith Crocket 13 up to 6 lb, John Buchan 12 up to 10 lb and Duncan White caught 20 fish up to 9 lb, returning a few days later to catch 10 fish up to 12 lb.

David Hunter netted 5 fish, including one of 11 lb and another of 15 lb, Bill Main had 9 up to 10 lb, Jim Eddie 8 up to 12 lb, Alex Thain 8 up to 9 lb, Colin McKay 9 up to 8 lb, Jim Doyle 8 up to 9 lb and Brian Liebenburg caught a 7 lb Blue Trout in his catch of 9.

Best wishes
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