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Howard & Stuart

Down Lochter way last week with the Festivities now a distant memory there was a bit of resolution simmering to the surface from some of our regulars in the bothy.

One was heard to say, I was going to quit all my bad habits but naebody likes a quitter so Ill nae bother.

Another admitted that his better half had told him he should read more so he sorted that out by putting subtitles on his TV.

All a bit of a hoot but on the fishing front there was plenty of resolve on show as the weather had been most conducive for some Winter fishing.

Double figures was much in evidence with Andy Barrowman and Paul Sharp setting a high standard with over 20 fish each both on buzzers and bloodworm combinations.

Tyler Hay also had over 20 fish again using the bloodworm and R. Anderson used a team of black buzzers to bring 19 fish to the net.

Peter Young was somewhat prodigious in his 3 outings when he had 13, 18 and 19 fish on either blobs or buzzers and the up and coming talent that is Rhys West confidently secured 15 fish for his session all on his self tied wormy things.

Matthew Will had a lucky 13 bag of fish for his session, all on the cat bug and amongst his catch were some lovely specimens of 8, 9, and 13lbs. A truly great days fishing.

Looking through the Returns Book other notable efforts were fishing buddies Albert Trail and Bill Wood with 11 and 9 fish respectively all on the mop fly, it was nice to see Ernie Mackay paying us a visit and he diligently had 10 fish in the net on nymphs.

Neil Gordon from Aberdeen was so excited landing 9 fish for his session on cormorants and fabs that he once again left his piece box forlornly in the bothy at the end of play, so this could be a New Years resolution in the making.

Matthew Reilly used a combination of apps bloodworm and the white bug to goof effect landing 8 fish, Paul Ingram used okay dokay and Dennis the menace buzzers to get 7 fish to the net and Keith Wilson fished bloodworm for his session and was rewarded with 5 fish.

So, all in all, a very productive start to 2020 and long may it continue.

Tight lines,

S.P 7/1/20.