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Lochter Report – Winters Here
« on: December 03, 2019, 15:13:01 PM »
Down Lochter way last week with the official meteorological arrival of winter our favourite and most popular feathered friend of the Fishery, namely and affectionately knows as Robbie the Robin, has come into full chirp and diligently stands proudly on his feeding post outside the Bothy to warmly welcome our customers whatever the weather or mood they are in. 
It reminded me of the ditty:-
‘I am that little Robin that sits upon a tree, I sing to you each morning but you don’t know its me.  I am that little Robin in your garden every day, I will never leave you, I will never fly away!’

So dedication comes in all forms and no more so that our battalion of Winter regulars who enjoy the challenge of cold water fishing where you have to find the fish as opposed to the fish finding you.

Stan Robertson from Aberdeen was a case in point as he fished all 3 lochs during his day ticket and had 15 fish using a combination of buzzers, diawl bachs and cormorants on a sink tip line.  One of his fish tipped the scales at 9lb and it gave him a terrific fight over at the Muckle Troot.  Also on cormorants and buzzers was Frank Kelly from Aberdeen who fished them on an intermediate line and he was rewarded with 11 fish to the net.

Local angler Rod Palmer during a 4 hours session lost no time in getting his 11 fish using small lures.  Graham Duthie from Deeside also used small lures mostly white, to get 10 fish to the net including a nice plump 6lb specimen.

Looking through the returns book other notable efforts were Fred McAlley from Aberdeen with 9 fish on the Rob Roy lure, Paul Ingram with 8 fish on the Okay Dokay and buzzer combination, Jim Gilmour with 7 on a squirmy worm which only proved effective when the wobbly squirmy bit came off and he was left with the body and bead, Bill Bain, still famously a resident of Woodside, who got 6 fish on a selection of cormorants and Bryan Ross with 5 fish on finely selected buzzers.

We should be grateful that the weather has been relatively kind so far this winter and long may it continue.  As my next report will be not be until fortnights time (sun and sea fishing in Tenerife – someone has to do it!) then it’s a timely reminder that during the Winter Season of Jollyfication (formerly know as Christmas) the fishery will be open except for 25th and 26th December and 1st and 2nd January, so plenty of time for you to plan your escape!

Tight lines and humbug
SP 3/12/19


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