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Loch Insch November Report
« on: November 30, 2019, 17:48:30 PM »
 I’m just going to do monthly reports on Loch Insch on the forum, as we provide 2 reports on the Loch Insch Facebook page on a daily basis which give the most accurate and up-to-date info on the fishery, how it’s fishing and the patterns that are working, and who’s caught what.

 Really pleased we’re still getting well over 40 anglers some days in November, and the fish have played ball virtually every day. Thank you all for the phenomenal support since we opened in June.

 There’s now been 427 (four hundred and twenty seven) blues and rainbows between 8 and 20lb returned, and only 46 of those were sub 10lb. (Since end of June). The Westmill fish are in my opinion as good as it gets, and worth the extra cost.

 The November Trout Masters were 17lb 11oz, 16lb 13oz and 16lb 4oz, all verified with the weight of the net removed.

 We’ve also had two of the decent sized browns landed in the last couple of weeks. 15lb 10oz and 15lb 3oz. They’d been in hiding for a couple of months, but great to see them coming out.

 Now that the colder weather has kicked in, the 18 aerators which did such a great job all Summer keeping the fish fighting hard, and the water crystal clear and 100% algae free, are now keeping the ice off which is pleasing.

 The fish have been feeding hard all month, mainly on fry, of which there are copious amounts in all three lochs leading to the following flies working best:Humungous, cormorant, IPN, angel blobs, cats whisker, diawl bach, cruncher, cat bug, Rutland sparkler.

 No reason why December won’t continue in a similar vein.

 Tight Lines, David



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