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Lochter Report – Everything’s Okay Dokay at Lochter
« on: November 26, 2019, 15:37:38 PM »
Down Lochter way last week, apart from the ‘dreich’ weather there was an almost noticeable semblance of contentment being exuded by our loyal band of winter regulars.

In any other sport it would be reported as ‘frenzied excitement’ but to the canny North-East angler there is no need for the current fashion for emotional exuberance to get in the way of a good days fishing.  They don’t yearn for cameras to be pointed at them when they catch a fish to then be posted on Facebook or social media as if it was a fluke or luck was involved.  These hardy fishers survive on inner contentment – that’s their name of the game.  Indeed during the week there were many anglers who were very much ‘in the game’ and doing ‘okay dokay’ because the aforementioned white type buzzer was the proven fly of choice for our super duper 5 star fish to gulp down.
George Pirie from Aberdeen proved this early in the week netting over 20 fish with a team of them mainly across at the Muckle Troot.  Paul Ingram used them in tandem with a pearly cormorant on a sink tip line and he was rewarded with 15 fish, one being an 8lb blue.
Kevin Spence from Newmachar also used them along with a mini cats whisker and he was most happy with his 9 fish.
Other methods that proved their worth during the week was the cormorant mini lure and Neil Garden from Aberdeen had 16 fish on them.  Peter Young had 15 fish on the WSW and various colours of fritz, Graham Taylor from Turriff used a hot head damsel to get 8 fish, one being a lovely 8lb specimen with another two about the 5lb mark.  John Smith from Inverurie had 7 fish on bloodworm of small lures and Fred McAlley from Aberdeen had 6 fish on the squirmy worm.
So all in all, for the time of year, things are ticking over pretty well and as we have again re-stocked the lochs there will be plenty opportunity for your inner contentment to attempt to surface.

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SP 26.11.19


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