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Lochter Report - Ringing the Changes Works Best
« on: November 18, 2019, 11:38:47 AM »
Down Lochter way last week the changeable nature of the weather from frosty cold to mildly wet certainly meant that what worked one day didn’t necessarily correlate to what would happen next.

The fish were also somewhat pernickety some days, but those fishers who did consistently well were those who were willing to vary their flies as well as their depth of presentation.

Peter Young was a case in point, when on a cold biting windy day he fished a sinking line with slowly retrieved lures and blobs and he had 16 fish to the net.

Davy Robertson and Alan Buchan, two coastal comrades, on a milder day fished floating lures with a sink tip and got most of their fish in the top foot of water. Davy had 11 fish on the cats whiskers and semtex lure and Alan had 8 on a normal lure.

One mini lure that is proving particularly effective just now is the ‘cormorant’, which comes in many colours.

Albert Trail was very successful using it as it netted him 15 fish for his session. Neil Garden and Fred McAlley also used a team of them to get 10 and 9 fish respectfully.

Looking through the Returns Book other notable efforts were Ryan Reid from Ellon with 10 fish on green and white lures, Paul Ingram with 8 fish on a white fritz and both Graham Duthie and Keith Wilson on 7 with crunchers, bloodworm and lures.

With colder weather forecast for the beginning of the week being replaced with a milder front towards the weekend then an open mind to a change of tactics may still be evidently needed.

Tight lines,

S.P. 18/11/19


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