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Allan Liddle

Loch Achonachie AC are hosting another tying day in the Cottage Bar Maryburgh (near Dingwall) next Saturday Nov 2nd.

Kicks off at 10.30 am until about 4.30 with four tyers present, myself (troot stuff rivers and lochs), Liam Stephen (river troot stuff), Hamish Young (dapping flies) and Sandy Howie (salmon).  Waiting to hear if Dave Matteer can also make it (competition flies).  Sports and Model Shop from Dingwall will be there with a range of Semperfli materials for sale and Partridge / Sprite hooks.

Free entry and will be a cracking day as usual, hope to see plenty there.

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Mike Barrio

Great stuff Allan :z16

Edit = linked to forum calendar.

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Steven Sinclair

If I'm still at home I'll maybe fire up in the camper for this 👍



Derek Roxborough

Not going to make it this year Alan, I'm off down south for a funeral, not as much fun as you'll be having , Derek Roxborough

Hamish Young

Might see if I can extend beyond dapping flies, might tie some salty numbers too  :cool:
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James Laraway

so the start time pretty much coincides with the rugby, so i'll listen in the car on the way across.

I'm tempted to bring my vise so I can have a 'muck aboot' with some articulated streamers- do you think that's allowed ?

Allan Liddle

Not sure there's going to be enough room James, you'd have to ask the LAAC committee once you get there.

Sorry to hear that Derek, have a safe trip.

Salt water flies also on the agenda Hamish

Dave Mateer attending, also on salmon.

Excellent range of tyers, Dingwall Sports and Models on hand to sell a range of Semperfli materials and Sprite hooks
FFFT magazine supporting with a show special subscription offer and a few back issues to sample.

Great day shaping up,  hope to see a few of you guys there.


Derek Roxborough

have a good day Alan,would have liked to be there,don't eat too much of the Landladys soup,cheers         :z18  Derek Roxborough

Allan Liddle

Was a good day guys and many thanks to those on here that made it over, hope you enjoyed it.
Thanks also the the tyers and Dingwall Sports and Model Shop for attending and the Cottage Bar or hosting us, great wee bar.


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