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Rick Van Camp

Fly line for Medium Action Graphite for Steelhead and Coho
« on: October 22, 2019, 14:26:07 PM »
I now have some heavier weight fly rods in 7 and 8 wt.  These are the original/older HMG rods from Fenwick.  Note these blanks are brown not, the less common black/grey that I have also seen.  These are medium action rods.

What line would you suspect to be preferred for intermediate size streamers (#4 & #2 hook size) and dry/dropper configurations?  We are using 3 & 4 ips Rio VersiLeader tips w/the appropriate length and tippet weight.  I used the 7 wt with the SLX on our recent trip but, felt inadequate with my casting unless I had a significant amount of line out and performed simple casts bringing the rod over my shoulder and back down toward my target area on the water.  It can be that I simply need to learn this rod as it is new to me.  It is useful to mention the dry/dropper rigs we tossed did not feature added weight.  These were small olives and nymphs.

The primary question in my mind regarding the SLX is comparing it to the half-weight heavy lines that are prominent in the market.  From the information listed here ( SLX is heavier than these half-weight heavy lines yet, and thereby should throw a considerable amount of weight.  A 33' target head weight is referenced.  I just ordered an 8 wt reel for a trip next week in addition to SLX in 8 wt yet, I think my results indicate I need to experiment further.

See my related post here.  However, the 6 wt rod I reference in this post is a TFO Pro II M-F action rod.;topicseen
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James Laraway

Re: Fly line for Medium Action Graphite for Steelhead and Coho
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2019, 09:30:24 AM »
Hi Rick

I did try and post earlier but something didn't work so I will try again.

I've fished with SLXs now for a good few years and always match them with the rod rating. So a #5 on a #5 etc.

I've used them extensively on a variety  #5, #7 and #7 rods , most of with have been either medium or at max a med/fast  action and then have all worked well.

I don't really view them as weight and a half lines to be honest, more like I think they are 'spot on'.

Now, im not a 'expert' in tippets as I seldom use them on my SLX's but I would have thought that the Rio Versileaders are more designed for 'spey casting' than they are for 'overhead' and are therefore a bit on the 'heavy side' ?

im sure there are others on the forum who are more 'with it' than me in terms of polyleaders.


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