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Lochter Report - Anglers Enjoy Autumn Tints
« on: October 22, 2019, 14:06:49 PM »
Down Lochter way there is now a beautiful display of autumn colours and as the days shorten and temperatures fall it brings out the exceptional show of reds, yellow and bronze of Lochter’s surrounding mixed woodland as it provided a lovely backdrop for anglers to enjoy and maybe brighten up their mood if they have found a lull in their fishing day.

That said, on the fishing front there was certainly no such doldrums as Bill Bain, the renowned Woodside resident said he had his ‘best day ever’ at Lochter, which is no mean feat as he’s been a Lochter regular for over 20 years.

Bill was fishing using a black WSW and caught 18 fish. This would not normally be surprising but 14 of the fish were over 5lb and 2 of them over 9lb, so you could see why Bill had a smile of contentment when he returned to the bothy.

Jim Brown had two outings during the week where he had 18 and 13 fish for his 4 sessions and he got them on a variety of lures including the yellow damsel and WSW.

Jim Rhind used an old favourite lure the ace of spades and it is obviously still effective as he had 16 fish to the net using it.

Peter Wilson from Aberdeen fished the bunny leech lure and was rewarded with 15 fish in the 2-6lb category.

Looking through the return book other notable efforts were John Smith from Inverurie with 10 on the WSW, Albert Trail also had 10 on the mop fly and novice angler Rhys West fished the mop fly and cat bug to good effect to get him 10 fish. Pete Young fished the Muckle Troot loch using blobs and buzzers and brought 8 fish to the net and Matthew Reilly also had 8 on nymphs.

So all in all some great fishing in lovely surroundings. Come and give it a try!

Tight lines,

S.P 22/10/19

Mike Barrio

Re: Lochter Report - Anglers Enjoy Autumn Tints
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2019, 14:49:36 PM »
Nice to see a few photos in the posts  :z16   At the heart of your fishing ..... lies a great fly line!


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