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Lochter Report – Fish feeding well at Lochter
« on: October 08, 2019, 15:32:37 PM »
Down Lochter way last week when you looked out the bothy it was mostly a vista of grey drabness that met your eye and it reminded me of the following lines:- The hills are smothered in fog, the sky is sombre grey, the rain is coming in a mist, a cheerless rainy day.

However, despite the conditions ‘cheerlessness’ did not abound at Lochter due to the fact that the fish were very willing to feed and if you were happy to put up with a bit of dampness, which most fishermen do, then there were plenty of bites, pulls and plucks to keep even the ‘dourest’ of anglers inwardly content.

Albert Trail came out on a day when there was a nice ripple on the water and he fished the mop fly to good effect netting over 20 fish for his day.

Ronnie Ewen, the ‘fishin’ magician’ from Macduff needed no sleight of hand on his two outings as he made it to double figures on each occasion fishing a combination of cormorants, damsels and spiders with the pearly cormorant being particularly successful.

Bill Bain, a famous resident of Woodside fished doggedly in the torrential rain without a hat to land 17 fish, all on the WSW and one was a lovely 11lb specimen for which Bill can add another Troutmaster badge to his collection.

Neil Smith from Aberdeen had another good session bringing 17 fish to the net on buzzers and bunny leeches.

Graham Duthie from Aberdeen fished a variety of lures enticing 12 to the net, Paul Ingram from Newmacher had 10 fish for his day which included one at 8lb and two around 6lb mark, all taken on cormorants.

Looking through the returns book other notable efforts were Bill Wood with 10 on a cats whisker, D Johnson also with 10 on lures and nymphs, M McBain from Dufftown with 9 on lures, A Brown with 8 on the Kate McLaren, Bob Thomson with 7 on buzzers and lures and Bill Neave with 7 on the yellow dancer, one of them being about the 10lb mark.

So all in all in young person speak it was a ‘thumpingly banging’ good week to be out fishing and long may it last.

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