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Lochter Report - Refreshing Rains at Lochter
« on: October 01, 2019, 12:08:02 PM »
Down Lochter way the recent episode of Autumnal showers has certainly helped clear the water and stirred the fish into action.

The near frosty mornings also seemed to flick a switch in the fish’s minds that they needed to start feeding, to store up some fat for the long lean winter months ahead.

We were therefore inundated during the weeks with keen anglers ready to do battle with these fine fettled fish.

Neil Smith from Aberdeen wrote in book that he had a ‘great day’ as he managed to net 25 fish on a mix of lures and nymphs.

Aaron Greig and Graham Duthie seemed to be fishing in unison as they both had 21 fish for their session and each had a nice 8lb specimen amongst their catch. Aaron using buzzers and the veteran viva lure and Graham had his on the WSW lure and cormorants.

Bill Gibb came out for one of his ‘trootin aboot days’ and he obviously hasn’t lost his touch as he landed 17 fish, all on buzzers.

Bill Wood used the classic method of using anything with four or less words and proved very successful as he had 16 fish to the bank on the blob, mop and fab.

Peter Young on his two outings during the week fished the Muckle Troot loch and he was rewarded with 15 and 11 fish respectively on little buzzers or blobs.

Albert Sutherland from Fraserburgh vacated the coast for the day to good effect as he brought 14 fish to the net on either a black nomad or yellow dancer.

Simon Ruddiman from Aberdeen had two sessions in which he had 15 and 7 fish taken either on a smoker or bloodworm.

Looking through the Return Book the ever reliable Peter Wilson had 10 on the bunny leech, Steve Prince had 10 on buzzers or diawl bachs, Mike Sutherland had 8 on nymphs and Bryan Ross had 7 fish, 1 on a lure and the rest on dry’s.

Special mention goes to Kirsty Burnett who on her first fly fishing outing managed to land 8 fish after having been ‘expertly taught’ (his words) by her better half, the normally shy and retiring Rhys West. It is certainly good to see new and younger people being introduced to the sport.

In October we are now operating winter hours and are open from 8am-5pm giving you 9 hours of Autumnal Fishing Fun.

Tight lines,

S.P. 1/10/19


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