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Loch Insch report week ending 15th Sept
« on: September 19, 2019, 10:52:34 AM »
We were closed Mon/Tues/Weds for Lyalls of London, Holland and Holland and their guests from round the World. Fantastic three days, fishing, shooting and stalking. Couldn’t have gone better!
 Back to public business rest of the week. Over 700 rainbows and blues landed Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun including 12 doubles. All three lochs on fire! However double figure browns remain elusive although two have been lost..... someone’s got to get lucky soon!
 Various methods working well depending on the conditions:
 Buzzers (Al Owens and Chris Guthrie versions in particular) Yellow cheek Diawl  bachs, olive nemo crunchers, damsels, okey dokey, wotsit, nomad, hares ear, bunny leach, shrimp, corixae and fry patterns.

 Nice to see anglers stalking fish with Polaroids and single heavy shrimp/corixae..... the water’s crystal clear. Quite an exciting method and very very effective.

 We’ve had huge buzzer hatches a couple of evenings, along with sedge and olives, although the fish I kept for the table on Weds were stuffed with fry, hoglouse and shrimp too.



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