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Lochter Report - You Reap What You Sow
« on: September 17, 2019, 15:05:45 PM »
Down Lochter way last week was the constant sight and sound of combine harvesters in their busy but deliberate manner, sweeping up a rich grain harvest from our surrounding fields. The farmers were making the most of the dry weather to get their golden bounty safely tucked away in their cosy and dry grain stores.

Likewise at Lochter we had a noble band of regular anglers out to catch a no less important and colourful bounty, the seeds of which had been sown throughout the season. Our regular customers never ask about ‘stocking levels’ or ‘are there any big fish’ as they know by the simple experience of fishing the waters that any such doubt is mute and any fretting should be solely concentrated on fly selection.

The model of consistency during his 3 outings last week was Colin Macdonald from Aberdeen. He had between 10 and 18 fish safely landed on each occasion using either cormorants or diawl bachs and one of his fish weighed in at a splendid 10lb 03oz for which he will get a Troutmaster badge.

D Johnston set a ‘personal best’ at Lochter with 23 fish all taken on black lures, Peter Young fished solidly across at the Muckle Troot and had over 20 fish with one being 7 ˝ lb, all on blobs or lures.
Jim Duncan from Turriff fished the ever popular Kate McLaren fly and he was rewarded with 15 fish for his 6 hour session, one being 9lb and two about the 8lb mark.

Keith Bruce from Aberdeen fished the cormorant fly with some success bringing 14 fish to the net.

Walter Senior fished his own WSW lure and managed 12 fish for his day keeping 3 nice ones and his fishing pal Davy Wood had 9 fish also on the WSW and he kept 3 lovely fish, one being 8lb in weight.

Nine seemed to be a popular number with Sandy Scobie, Kev Wright and Steve Prince netting that number on a variety of either black blobs, semtex lure and diawl bachs.

Special mention goes to the regulars from the Frigate Bar in Aberdeen who had one of their ‘special’ fishing outings at Lochter on Saturday which concluded with a splendid barbeque where the ‘one that got away’ was the main topic of discussion as they enjoyed a very small libation. Well done to Ray Stephen who ‘led the line’ like his old glory years and he won the trophy for the biggest fish with a nice 8lb specimen, which gave him a terrific fight.

With good weather forecast for then it should afford plenty opportunity for you to test your knots down Lochter way.

Tight lines,

S.P. 17/9/19.


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