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Lochter Report - Knots and Crosses at Lochter
« on: September 09, 2019, 15:17:42 PM »
Down Lochter way last week it wasn’t a case of board games in the bothy that was foremost to mind but the increasing necessity to check your leader line and knots for any weakness as many patrons of the fishery found to their costs that they could be ‘broken’ on a regular basis by some of our finely honed but weighty fine fighting fish.

Many a ‘cross’ utterance could be heard as they pulled in their line to see it bereft of their favourite and carefully selected fly knowing they had lost out on playing and hopefully landing a big fish.

On the fishing front, there were plenty of knots that held and Davy Anderson from Aberdeen had 15 fish for his session using cormorants and buzzers and he had a nice 8lb fish amongst them.

D. Cooper mixed it about using a fab, buzzers and diawl bachs and it proved effective as he had 14 fish for his day and kept 3 nice specimens.

Peter Wilson from Dyce fished the bunny leech to good effect netting 12 fish, Graham Duthie had on a team of cormorants which lured 11 fish to his flies, Kenny McInstray used a new fangled mop fly for 9 fish and Simon Ruddiman used damsels for 9 fish.

Dave Mackay and Neil Garden both fished solely buzzers and they both had 8 fish each and Jim Gilmore using the bunny leech on the Muckle Troot had 7 fish and he was well chuffed that one of them was in double figures that took him to the end of his backing at one point, before he gained a rebalance of control over it and eventually netted it.

So all in all a mixture of methods and flies are providing effective so why not come past and give it a try!

Tight lines.

S.P 9/9/19.


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